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Business Process Consulting


How efficiently and effectively a company manages this stage of the customer relationship is critical to their efforts to consistently bring in net new customers and revenues. This front office activity is typically unstructured and the information and data collected during the preliminary stages of customer development are not available or shared with back office personnel and operations. Redundancy, waste, errors, longer sales cycles, and missed opportunities can be the result of an inefficient lead-to-order process. Accurate Forecasting, Pipeline development, and universal access can help back office operations effectively plan for resources, reduce lead times, facilitate up-sell and cross sell initiatives, and accurately predict demand. Utilizing Momentum's Business Process Assessment we can work with your Executives, Sales and Marketing staff, as well as back office staff to evaluate the current process and identify improvements that can help you gain visibility, grow revenue, capture new market opportunities, shorten sales cycles, and continually manage the entire customer life-cycle more effectively.


The order to cash process often times is riddled with opportunities to improve. Manual and redundant data entry can increase errors and delay. The order process is commonly one that is impacted by paper. Documents such as customer PO’s, Order Acknowledgements, to Work orders, Pick tickets, COA’s, Packing Slips, emails, and invoices all have a life-cycle of their own and impact the overall efficiency of the process. Momentum can help streamline this process while reducing costs and paper.


Vendor Relationships, demand based procurement, and efficiency are all critical to the success of an organization. This process is also paper intensive and many times manual and redundant. Momentum’s Business process Assessment can help identify risks and opportunities and help plan for a more automated process.


Increased regulation and the importance of a strong and loyal labor force make Human Resources Management a very important topic for American businesses. Documentation, Traceability, and competitive compensation are all key considerations in a HRM strategy. Momentum’s Business Process Assessment can help to identify the most critical areas of focus for your company and help build a HRM Strategy to be the employer of choice in your industry.